Buying a Canvas Bag

December 7, 2020

Canvas bags are sturdy and less likely to rip than plastic bags more commonly used at stores. Handles on canvas bags make carrying them to cars or walking home with them a much more convenient option. Some stores allow consumers to use the bags instead of heavier shopping baskets. Consumers can easily gauge how much they can carry and many are surprised at how much will fit into a canvas tote. One strategy many consumers use to decrease reliance on store plastic bags is to keep canvas bags in their cars for regular and unplanned shopping expeditions. The more convenient a habit is to maintain, the more likely consumers are to continue it.

Canvas totes once purchased are also great for outings. The same bags stored in the home or car quickly convert to carrying non-perishable food and other items required for a day out. As with shopping, these bags do not rip easily and can hold a considerable amount. A quick washing makes them reusable for shopping when the outing is completed.

Transporting food to relatives and friends can also be another great use for the bags. During the holiday season, many people use plastic or paper bags to transport food to other sites. Bags rip, items fall out the fragile bags, and tempers run short. Canvas totes can provide an alternative transportation method. Food packed in plastic or paper bags, packs safely in cloth containers. Consumers can have more confidence using the handles on these cloth totes. There is less fear of items falling out and creating messes. Once there, food is unloaded and the canvas totes stored to take home again. This avoids the awkward question for guests of how to dispose of the plastic or paper bags when one arrives at the host’s home. Do individuals take the plastic or paper bags home to recycle or leave the burden for the host to manage?
Canvas bags can also be a great alternative to a gift bag. Since they are reusable, the bag itself becomes a gift the user can have for shopping, crafts, gardening, or other house tasks. It provides a green alternative to wrapping paper that a gift recipient can immediately put to a practical use. Cloth bags are quickly becoming the green choice for environmentally aware consumers.

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